BECK live action new trailer :D

14 07 2010

Hey y’all.

I know it’s been a while but I have never been out of touch with what Mizushima-san has been doing lately. I’ve been waiting for the film release of Beck Live Action since the first day I got news Hiro was playing Ryusuke. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

It has been MONTHS of agonizing patience.. and I still have to wait about more than a month for the movie.

Japan is very quick in taking down trailers from YouTube so the safest way to watch the full length trailer is to go to the official site:



Click the pick on the far left with the play icon. And the teaser will load automatically. πŸ˜‰ ENJOY!

September is myΒ  birthday month so yayyy. If things go as planned, I’ll be busy packing for my trip to China by then though. But knowing that it takes a while for the movie to be leaked online.. I guess I’ll get a glimpse of the movie a month or two later so no worries. I’m not even slightly bothered if I see it without subtitles but that’s because I’ve been taking Japanese classes and .. Hiro will be speaking in ENGLISH. HELL TO THE YEAH.

p/s: Did you know that Hiro Mizushima was supposed to be in a new drama this year but the role was given to Matsujun instead? >__> They say it’s because he’s married now. :/ I don’t get it.

But anyway, I’m just glad that Jun has a new drama out too. XD


Beck Live Action – New teaser~

25 04 2010

Why is it so hard to get HQ pics from Japan or even fancams for these filmings? ;______; More HQ pics of this half-naked Taira / Okamu pic would have made my day. XD And can I say again that I’m tres excited for the release of this movie? I’ve been brushing up on my Japanese (although by the time it opens in cinemas I still wont be able to understand anything they say) >.<

Anyway, check it out here:

Note that they’re playing Oasis and Red Hot Chilli Peppers song WOOT.

I’m waiting for you Ryusuke-kun. ;D

Beck Movie Trailer makes me a happy fangirl~

4 02 2010

Hiro-san. Thou art more beautiful than the sunset on a summer day. [ WHAT AM I SAYING? XD ]
I know I haven’t posted in AGES and that I’ve been neglecting my blogging duties so I deeply apologize. Hiro-sama I still love you and I am still giving everyone updates πŸ˜‰

Anyway, if you haven’t seen the BECK trailer (which was released last month), here it is:

Now I am super excited again. HECK YEAHHHH. I wanna see the movie RIGHT NOW. I haven’t even watched Drop yet. :X

So kakkoi ne~ πŸ˜€ And omg, Okamu is half-naked. (O_O) YESSSS!

Also, I can now be considered a groupie. xD

Let me know what you think fangirls! πŸ™‚

BECK update again.Β Yippee!

5 09 2009

Remember the BECK update with the actors’ transformation that I put up before? Well, I have found the video where those pictures were cut from so all of you can see how the actors look, in motion. πŸ˜€

Gahhh, Hiro’s hair still bugs me, not so much the brows anymore.

He flipped his hair at one part. So weird! If I didn’t love you so much Hiro.. tsk tsk.. I don’t know what i would have said. LOL He’s so skinny with those shorts too.


Will stalk celebrity blogs later and post here if anything comes up about BECK.

Stay tuned! ^_^ Or not. x)

More BECKΒ updates~

9 08 2009

I meant to post this a week back but things have been uber busy for me, what with all this thing called “WORK”Β  and other things that take up my time (like Tumblr-ing). πŸ˜€

Anyways, I am super excited for BECK to be out next year so I decided to post these to share with everyone:

The actors transformed!

SATO TAKERU as KOYUKI, the vocalist

Sato Takeru as Koyuki

He can pull off the whole high-school look eh? Just like when he played a delinquent in ROOKIES. He’s come a long way from the Mameshiba I know in Mei Chan no Shitsuji. πŸ™‚

MUKAI OSAMU as TAIRA, the bassist

Mukai Osamu as Taira

Remember the white butler, Shinobu from Mei-Chan? Yes. This is him blonde. Not white-haired. Although Im not a fan of his character in Mei-chan, he looks better there than in BECK, i think. But I know he’s been training hard for his role as a bassist, that he even put up the pic of the guitar he’s been practicing with on his blog! πŸ™‚

Bass Guitar

KENTA KIRITANI as CHIBA , the rapper

Kenta Kiritani as Chiba

I am certain that he will make a great Chiba. Watching ROOKIES made me like him because of the humor he puts into his character. So this is going to be awesome. Yeah! I hope he raps great. Even if I am not such a fan of rap.

AOI NAKAMURA as SAKU, the drummer

Aoi Nakamura as Saku

His blog is pretty updated with news on BECK. He seems to be enjoying his role as a drummer as well because he posted a picture of his drums way back from their training days (much like Osamu).


and what you’ve all been waiting for:

HIRO MIZUSHIMA as RYUSUKE , the leader/guitarist

Hiro Mizushima as Ryusuke

They killed his eyebrows! 😦 I keeeel them! Darn. Okay, so maybe he looks so like Ryusuke now that you cant really tell any difference between them but they didn’t need to overdo it you know. =x He’s going to do great as Ryusuke because his English is impeccable, not sure about his guitar skills though but I can’t wait. Even if he doesn’t sing much, just hearing a bit of his singing voice will surely get the fangirls crazy. I know I will. Hehe. πŸ˜€

Ganbare BECK team!

BECK team

Great chemistry between the actors eh? πŸ˜€


Something has to work on Hiro’s eyebrows.He looks like a girl! DAMN. Darn.

The filming is stil underway!


I want a trailer for the movie soon! YOSH!


BECKΒ update!

19 07 2009

The Pocky Princess

The Pocky Princess Shiori Kutsuna, will be playing the love interest of Koyuki in the movie, BECK. πŸ˜€ You all probably know her from Mei Chan no Shitsuji if you watched that already. And if you followed the anime, you know that Maho sings. I dont know to what extent her singing capabilities are but I’m not worried about her singing in English. She was born in Sydney, Australia.. and she lived there until 2006 when she decided to move to Japan for an acting career.

I am so so so so so excited for BECK now. I like Kutsuna. I can actually see her singing Moon in the water pretty well. Hope she doesn’t disappoint. Ganbare! πŸ˜€

Shiori KutsunaSee.. she even sports Maho’s hairstyle! And I think she can definitely pull off the whole chemistry with Takeru Sato. YEAHHHH! πŸ˜€

I shall return for more updates. πŸ˜‰

Hiro + Rock n Roll = LOVE.

2 06 2009

This just in, people. Our favorite heartthrob Hiro Mizushima was cast to portray Ryusuke Minami from the famous manga, Beck which will be turned into a movie.

Here’s the news fresh from the Tokyograph Press :

“Beck,” the popular music manga by Harold Sakuishi, is being adapted as a live-action film. Director Yukihiko Tsutsumi (“20th Century Boys”) will be in charge of the project, with actor Hiro Mizushima in the leading role.

The manga, which was originally serialized from 2000 to 2008, tells the story of five young men who form a rock band called Beck. The protagonist in the manga was the guitarist/vocalist Yukio “Koyuki” Tanaka, but the film will instead revolve around the band’s main guitarist and leader, Ryusuke Minami.

Mizushima has been cast as Ryusuke, while Takeru Sato will play the part of Koyuki. The two previously played brothers in the drama series “Mei-chan no Shitsuji.” Playing the other members of Beck are Kenta Kiritani as the rapper Chiba, Osamu Mukai as the bassist Taira, and Aoi Nakamura as the drummer Saku.

30 original songs are being written, which will be performed by the actors themselves with real instruments. Mizushima and the others are currently undergoing special training for about a month. The movie’s climax is said to be a large-scale concert scene with the band playing on stage.

Shooting is scheduled to start in early July, with a theatrical release expected in fall 2010. – Tokyograph

MAJOR EYE-CANDY that will leave us all optically diabetic (yes, I made that up, ain’t I cool? LOL)

TAKERU SATOH as KOYUKI, the vocalist/guitarist

We’ve all seen him and Hiro act it out as brothers in Mei Chan and this time I think the characters will again be quite close to each other. As a vocalist (albeit for the mellower tunes), I hope he’ll do a great job.

MUKAI OSAMU as Yoshiyuki Taira the bassist

According to Wikipedia, “during performances, he removes his shirt midway through the song when he does not play and continues the song without it.” This is going to be HUGE. Although I wish it was Hiro ripping his shirt off, Osamu’s bod isn’t too bad. And just look at that pic, he is oozing appeal.

Give me shirt-ripping any day.


KENTA KIRITANI as Tsunemi Chiba, the rapper

You’re thinking “Why does he look familiar?”, it’s probably because you saw him in Crows Zero (which, if you ask me, is one of the COOLEST movies ever made) and I haven’t given him my attention just yet but who knows, this movie might get me drooling over this guy in no time. I hope he is a shirt-ripper (shripper?) as well. Bwahaha. But come on, how many rappers rip off their shirts?:P Got my hopes up for the rapping.

AOI NAKAMURA as Yuji “Saku” Sakurai , the drummer

He’s way too adorable to put into words. Koizora is the only drama series of his that I bothered checking out and he is marvellous (although I still prefer the movie, hands down). I have a soft spot for drummers. The movie isn’t even out yet and my knees are already jelly.

And the fairest of them all, of course:

HIRO MIZUSHIMA as RyΓ»suke “Ray” Minami, the leader/guitarist

Most of the story revolves around him even if the manga’s protagonist is really Koyuki. But I don’t see any reason for us to complain since Hiro is the lead. πŸ˜€

Now my knees are really jelly. Haha. That’s Hiro’s charm I guess.

My follow fangirls. HIRO MIZUSHIMA IS GOING TO SING. AND ROCK. AND it shall be MINDBLOWING. MINDBLASTING. And then he will roll. πŸ˜€

At least that’s what I think he’ll do even if he isn’t the vocalist. As you can see, I am quite excited by the prospect that we will get to see Hiro with Takeru and Osamu again as well as two new actors, to form the band. I hope their training goes well. When this movie is released, I’m positive fangirls will be trying to get the mp3s of the songs they use on it. I’ll make sure to keep you all posted of course.

For now, all I can wish for is the subbed version of Hiro’s Drop to be released so the agony of waiting will end. I have Crows Zero 2 to look forward to as well. How I wish I could suddenly speak Japanese with the snap of my fingers.

Have a great week!