Hiro Mizushima’s Social Media Accounts

1 07 2013

I wouldn’t be a proper fangirl if I wasn’t aware of Hiro’s online activities (Lol, this makes me sound very stalker-ish, yeah )

Recently, his official fan page on Facebook was opened and you can like it here (Too bad we can’t LOVE it. Hehehe): Facebook Page

Look at that awesome cover!


The staff of Kuroshitsuji gave him a surprised birthday cake last month when he turned 29. πŸ™‚


Pretty mouth-watering huh? πŸ˜‰ (I WANT ONE AND IT’S NOT EVEN MY BIRTHDAY YET. XD )

Also, if you’ve been living under the Earth’s crust or in the middle of the ocean for the past couple of years without any internet connection, then you might not know that he’s on Twitter. Follow him here.

You would think that once the awesome man himself tweeted me, I’d be running around my blog showing off. Well, I only did that on Twitter where I happily spazzed nonstop when he .. (gasp!) TWEETED ME.

hirotweetSince I rarely blog about anything personal here, you might also not know that I took up Japanese classes for 2 years (Year 2010 & Year 2011) I was supposed to take the Japanese exam in 2010 but had to cancel (even though I was registered and ready) because I went to the MNet Ultimate Live concert in Singapore in December 2010. I don’t regret that decision but I wish I had rescheduled. Now, after a few years I can say that my Nihon-go is pretty rusty.

Nonetheless, I was telling Hiro the truth when I said he inspired me. πŸ™‚

So for your daily updates on Hiro-sama, go like his page on FB and follow his tweets.. ^^




One response

3 07 2013
Mi Yu

You lucky woman! Too bad his blog is locked to FC Members only T_T

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