C.N. Blue – Now or Never Mini-Album [Mediafire Downloads]

12 11 2009


C.N. Blue (Code Name Blue), dubbed as the “2nd FT Island” consists of four members and debuted in Japan just recently. I don’t think that they should be called such because CN Blue’s music has more of a raw sound. 🙂

Meet the members:





For the fans of You Are Beautiful, his face is definitely familiar. It is none other  than our Shin Woo. ♥ It’s already more than halfway through the series, but if you haven’t Googled him yet, then that means you might not know that he is part of a band in real life. And they are called C.N. Blue. 😉 He became extra famous after fangirls noticed the hot rival of Tae Kyung.  His name was the most searched on the web  🙂

Here’s a little treat for you guys (in lieu of PEPERO DAY!)

Now or Never Mini-Album
C.N. Blue
Released: August 19, 2009 (Japan)

Music Tracks (Click to download from Mediafire):

[Bit rate: 64 kbps]
1. Now or Never
2. Let’s Go Crazy
3. Love Revolution
4. Just Please
5. Teardrops in the Rain

And for a better bit rate, I compressed the songs into one file:

[Bit rate: 320 kbps]

C.N. Blue – Now or Never Mini-Album (RAR file)

Lucky Japanese fans! 😀 And they are beginning to appear on everyone’s radar ever since Yong Hwa got a role on You Are Beautiful.

p/s: Please comment if taking. 😉 I had a hard time looking for these too. 🙂




91 responses

15 11 2009

I totally agree with you! They shouldn’t be called the 2nd FT Island…

Yong Hwa!! ❤
Even before You're beautiful I already had my eye on him (and C.N. Blue)… I heard the previews of the songs and all… couldn't find the songs…


Yong Hwa is such an amazing talented guy! Really good voice, really good actor… he's going far!!

15 11 2009

It took me a while to find the songs and almost gave up. Everything online was password-protected. T_T But when I found the files, I reuploaded them on Mediafire for everyone. I was sooo happy I had to share. haha. ;D

I agree. Yong Hwa is a great actor.. if episode 12 of YAB is any proof of that. He portrayed those emotions of conflict well. I cried for his pain. TT_TT

20 05 2012
C.N.Blue, my Fav!

Do you know where I can get Now or Never??

16 11 2009

I’ve just found out about C.N. Blue when i googled about Shin Woo..
Can’t believe that they’re so young..
I’m off to listen to their music..
Thanks a lot for sharing ^^

16 11 2009

LOL Im betting a lot of people are doing the same. My stats just went through the roof, everyone’s searching for their songs. LOL
You’re welcome.

16 11 2009

Hi. Thanks alot.
I’m downloading it now.
I know it’s hard to find their songs.
Really appreciate it 😀

Their performance was awesome in F.T Island concert.
Really enjoyed it and it was really high when they performed.

17 11 2009

Yeah it was GREAT! 😀 I think it’s a blessing to them that Yonghwa was cast in You’re Beautiful. If not, they would have been underrated (well, they still are.. but it’s improving :P).

19 11 2009

Thank you sooo much for sharing!! im loving their music, it’s so different and unique~
cant believe they’re around my age…so talented..
my last name is jung like jung yong hwa and i cant like him since we’re somehow related…darn.
Thanks again!!

19 11 2009

Yes, and I just love that the lyrics are mostly in English. 😉 Speaking of, I’ll be posting the lyrics soon enough.

Even if your last name is Jung as well, you can still admire him from afar. ;D But knowing that somehow, in someway, you’re related… that’s a good thing isn’t it? ^^

27 11 2009


30 11 2009

It was just freshly released a few days ago. Going to share it here when I get a hold of it.

29 11 2009

OMG THANKS LOADS!! where did you find them? it’s SO HARD looking for their stuff..i’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for their second mini album “voice” also but still no luck.. =(

30 11 2009

I know. But as soon as I get a hold of their second album, I’ll share it here with everyone. 😉

1 12 2009

thanks sooo much for sharing this..
u’re soo kind. keke 😀

c.n. blue jjaang <3<3

1 12 2009

You’re welcome. 🙂

Hoping to get their second album to share with everyone. ^_^

1 12 2009

It’s nice to see more people who are aware of C.N. Blue. It’s a really good thing JYH was in YB, because that exposure has now gotten his band offers to play in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. Their company turned them down, stating that C.N. Blue has no plans to play overseas other than in Japan until they debut in Korea. I think it’s a good decision to establish their popularity in Korea and Japan first so the band has an actual fanbase rather than rely on Kang Shin-woo’s fanbase. ^^; (Though I am a fan of both…)

I actually just wanted to let you know C.N. Blue has a new bassist now — his name is Lee Jung-shin and the same age as Min-hyuk. I’m not sure what happened to Kwon Gwang-jin, though, they didn’t give any explanation as to his departure.

2 12 2009

Hi Belle, thanks for letting me know. They changed their bassist eh? Hmm.. I might have to look into that.

It’s true that Yong Hwa’s involvement in the drama You’re Beautiful propelled their band to fame and that the current fans of the band are mostly Yong Hwa fans. Perhaps after they debut in Korea, they can get a solid fanbase as you said. They already have a decent following in Japan but even I don’t think that’s enough. They have a long way to go. I’m just glad they aren’t underrated anymore because their talent is at par with other artists out there. 🙂 Just need to work a little on their English lyrics. LOL

CN Blue is love ❤ 🙂

4 12 2009

omg. thank you so much for uploading!
i love this band <333 and Yonghwa of course <333
They are really talented, i love how they sound different from most of korean band. Baby it's now or never~

Ha, it's a really good thing Yonghwa was casted in YAB. Cause it's really a waste if this band not get enough popularity~
thanks again for the album ^^

4 12 2009

You’re welcome. ^_^ I just uploaded their new album, you can go check it out. 😀 I think it’s somewhat better than their first because they sang the first track in Japanese. YAY! 🙂

4 12 2009
C.N. Blue – Voice Mini-Album [Mediafire Downloads] « The Fangirl. The Writer. The Dreamer.

[…] For those who didn’t catch their first mini-albumalbum, you can download C.N. Blue Now or Never album here on my blog as well. CLICKEY. […]

4 12 2009
Michelle from HA

wahoooo! thank youuuuu so much!

15 12 2009

Thank you for this! I couldn’t find it anywhere else! And I wanted it so badly! LOL! 🙂

15 12 2009


16 12 2009

thank you for this!!! xD

22 12 2009

Oh thank you so much for the songs^^!

24 12 2009

thanks so much ^^ i rly appreciate it. i need something to tie me over until i can save up enuff money to buy it myself~<3

27 12 2009

I also searched for Shin Woo and found he was in this group. Really nice songs ^^ Not really into comparing them to F.T Island because their both good in their own ways =3
Thanks for the uploading ^^

1 01 2010

thx for sharing this
I know CNBlue because Yung Hwa was played Shin Woo’s role
I love their “One of a Kind”, so i searched the other songs and found your blog
thank you so much ^^

2 01 2010

Omo, I love that track as well 🙂

8 01 2010

Thank you so much for uploading these! I have been searching the internet since last night and managed to find the ‘Voice’ songs [except Never Too Late] but couldn’t find these songs anyway. Thank you so much 🙂
I’m excited for their Korean debut xD
BTW does anyone know where I can purchase the mini albums? I don’t think YesAsia sells them yet -_-

10 01 2010

You’re welcome. The traffic to my blog has increased due to the attention t hat CN Blue is finally getting prior to their debut. Im excited too. Perhaps after they debut, they’ll make the copies of their mini album available on Yes Asia.

15 01 2010

Of course they’re not 2nd FTi..they are Uniiik~ 🙂

First of all thank you for the links :)!!!….just a question..do you sub or rather translate?…cuz i loove their songs…but dont really know what they say 😛

CN Blue~*

i knew them before the You’re Beautiful googling xD!!

Thanks agaiin~

17 01 2010

Do you mean CN Blue songs? I dont know enough Korean or Japanese to sub or translate yet but I am working on it. 😉

You’re Beautiful catapulted Yonghwa to stardom and eventually CN Blue as well 😀

15 01 2010

thank you so much for uploading!!
currently in love with C.N.Blue 😀
not only because of Yonghwa but also because of their song~
i love the genre 🙂

15 01 2010
lovely ena

merci ^^ these are precious

15 01 2010

thank you so much for sharing….^^
I agree with you that C.N Blue’s different than F.T Island..
I hope these guys music will be recognized because of its own style..go go guys!!

16 01 2010
Fan Fan

thanks! 🙂 just know about C.N. Blue and their I’m a Loner really nice. anyway, thanks for sharing! ^^

16 01 2010

SUPER DUPER THANKS! Looking all over the net for these. I LOVE YOU!!!!!

20 01 2010

definitely agree with you — they’re not the 2nd Ft island. They’re CN Blue — in their own right. they have a different sound compared to FT Island (i like both though ^^)
Thanks for sharing their first mini-album — i thought i’d have to look for a long time to find this. 🙂

21 01 2010

Oh thank you so much .

22 01 2010

Omgosh Thank you so much for the songs! 🙂 I`m sort of late in everythinggg AHahha! So THANK YOU :D♥ Well appreciated.
Amazing how 2o1o starts 😉

22 01 2010

Thanks so much!!
So they have 3 mini albums so far?

25 01 2010

Taking. I started liking them a while ago. Very talented.

26 01 2010

love them damn much….lovely songs…

31 01 2010

thank you so much! i’ve been looking everywhere for their songs after i watched you’re beautiful! you’re awesome! xD

2 02 2010

arigato gosaimasu

2 02 2010

vielen vielen dank! thx a lotsss!

they’re so great:D
just find out that the 1st album was released in japan.

2 02 2010

i’m crazy in love with them!! ❤ Especially Min Hyuk. thankies!

4 02 2010

Thanks a million! ^^

6 02 2010

they shouldnt be called 2nd FT Island D:
C.N. Blue’s style is sooo much more different <33

thanks for the now or never download!

11 02 2010

i want ask, which one is the leader from this group??? jung yong hwa or lee jiing hyun???because i look in another website, the leader is jung yong hwa….

14 02 2010

It is not Yong Hwa. It’s Jong Hyun 🙂

15 02 2010

thanks a lot! really appreciate your effort^^
C.N Blue are really good, too~~

btw, from what ive heard last time, they said that it’s YongHwa already, i mean he is the leader now~~

18 02 2010

Oh, it turns out that Yonghwa is the leader in Korea.. since they debuted. But when they started out in Japan, it was Jonghyun 🙂

24 02 2010


27 02 2010

after watching the drama, you’re beautiful, i thout tthat the other guy looks good too, then i saw one day that he is in a pop group and he can sing nicely too,…neat!

7 03 2010

Thank you so muche ! ! ^______^
I was looking for this but couldnt find it..

9 03 2010

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this! *o* You have no idea how much I appreciate it, especially since YESASIA doesn’t carry it anymore. ><

20 03 2010

i forgot to buy their album when i was in korea a few days ago.

22 03 2010

THNX ALOT…looking foward to hear it

28 03 2010

thanks so much..im looking everywhere for their songs….

11 04 2010

Wow. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been looking for their songs everywhere too! You’re an angel!! XD

30 05 2010

Thanks for sharing 🙂

21 06 2010

taking, thanks for feeding my new-found korean craziness 😀

14 09 2010

thankyoooooou i really appreciate this cn-blue-download-link. 🙂

22 10 2010

hello, i would like to thank you for sharing the link.. kamsamida~

25 10 2010
Renee B

You’re welcome 🙂

22 10 2010

thank you so much! really appreciate your effort! i’ve been looking for their songs =D

25 10 2010
Renee B

Dont mention it 🙂

18 11 2010


Thanks so much! 🙂 Only found out about CN BLUE now. *blush* haha so i have been looking for their songs! 🙂

26 12 2010

Thank you sooOOooo much for sharing, am downloading the album now. 🙂

28 12 2010

manhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii gomawa ( thanks so much ) for sharing~
Jung Yong Hwa is one of my all time favs….having talent nd look both he is one of the greatests ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

15 01 2011

been looking for this song.. love their eng. song more than the korean version. lol

30 03 2011

thank you for the link 🙂

22 04 2011
Another One

thank u
I really like them

27 04 2011

Thank you for the link 🙂

29 04 2011

hai hai … thank you very much for sharing this 😀

27 08 2011

Thank you so much for this! 😀

30 08 2011

Thank you for these 🙂

1 09 2011

Thanks so much for sharing this! 😀 I’m on a CNBlue discography download spree, so yeah… I’m taking 😀 Thanks so much~ ♥ Got hooked on them after Heartstrings XD I just love “Georeol geomnida…Ijeul geomnida…” ♥♥♥

Could you possibly link me to a more extensive discography (in chronological order)? If it’s not much trouble. ;D

고​마​워! ♥

16 10 2011
Sari Chum Chum Robert

ehmmmmm ……….
love you cnblue ………
good luck you work ………

5 11 2011

now that this debut album is no longer available in the market, it is all the more lucky to have it. so great you are sharing it, thanks a million!! : ))

6 11 2011

thank you so much for this! i’m loving jyh after watching him in YAB. ❤

5 12 2011

YongSeo brought me here to look for CN Blue in English ^___^ Thanks so much.

18 12 2011

thank you for your blog , now i can have cnblue songs from japan album with englih language. And i’m yong hwa bias from yab so i’m realy feel grateful for you for your hard work and for your share. kamsa hamida, gomawoyo from bottom of my heart……………………

12 02 2012

hey, thanks for the effort of posting this up. gomawo!

27 02 2012


12 04 2012

Thanks so so much!!!!!! And I can’t believe people are comparing F.T Island and C.N Blue, especially the ‘2nd FT Island’ thing. Totally different 🙂

Thank you again!!!

15 04 2012

aigoooo~~~ jeongmal komawoyooooo~~~~ <333333333333333

5 08 2012

thnx a lot for d info. gomawo! ^__^

9 11 2013

Gomawo from the Philippines! 🙂

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