Hiro Mizushima’s Social Media Accounts

1 07 2013

I wouldn’t be a proper fangirl if I wasn’t aware of Hiro’s online activities (Lol, this makes me sound very stalker-ish, yeah )

Recently, his official fan page on Facebook was opened and you can like it here (Too bad we can’t LOVE it. Hehehe): Facebook Page

Look at that awesome cover!


The staff of Kuroshitsuji gave him a surprised birthday cake last month when he turned 29. 🙂


Pretty mouth-watering huh? 😉 (I WANT ONE AND IT’S NOT EVEN MY BIRTHDAY YET. XD )

Also, if you’ve been living under the Earth’s crust or in the middle of the ocean for the past couple of years without any internet connection, then you might not know that he’s on Twitter. Follow him here.

You would think that once the awesome man himself tweeted me, I’d be running around my blog showing off. Well, I only did that on Twitter where I happily spazzed nonstop when he .. (gasp!) TWEETED ME.

hirotweetSince I rarely blog about anything personal here, you might also not know that I took up Japanese classes for 2 years (Year 2010 & Year 2011) I was supposed to take the Japanese exam in 2010 but had to cancel (even though I was registered and ready) because I went to the MNet Ultimate Live concert in Singapore in December 2010. I don’t regret that decision but I wish I had rescheduled. Now, after a few years I can say that my Nihon-go is pretty rusty.

Nonetheless, I was telling Hiro the truth when I said he inspired me. 🙂

So for your daily updates on Hiro-sama, go like his page on FB and follow his tweets.. ^^


Hiro Mizushima is a Butler (again!)

1 07 2013



After a three-year long hiatus from acting in dramas and movies, Hiro Mizushima is set to comeback into the movie scene with the live action adaptation of the popular manga Kuroshitsuji (The Black Butler). He will be playing the main lead, Sebastian Michaelis. I am extremely excited for this movie. If you have been following Hiro’s works closely, he is quite popular due to his role in Mei-Chan no Shitsuji a few years back (which I loved to bits).


His new role isn’t exactly the same as Rihito-sama, he seems all darker and more mysterious here (he’s a demon!!) and I can’t wait! Personally, I haven’t read the manga but according to Wikipedia,

The series follows Sebastian Michaelis, a demonic butler who is bound by a supernatural contract to serve Ciel Phantomhive, the thirteen-year-old head of the Phantomhive noble family and the business-savvy owner of the Funtom company, a toy manufacturer. In return, when Sebastian has helped Ciel finish all of his tasks, including avenging his parents’ deaths, Sebastian will be allowed to consume his soul.


This series already has an anime adaptation and stage play. This movie will not be following the events in the manga itself but will be set 130 years after.


The leading actress is Ayame Gōriki. 🙂

From Anime News Network:

Gōriki will play Shiori Genpō, a descendant of the prestigious aristocratic family Phantomhive. Since only males can take the reins of the family, Shiori dons male clothes and the name Kiyoharu to lead the massive Phantom Corporation. This will be first time that Gōriki plays a girl who assumes a male disguise.


Movie will be released in early 2014. 🙂 I’ll try to update with more pictures when I get the chance 🙂


My Return! ;D

20 04 2012

Hi you guys! After almost two years of hiatus from this blog (and decidedly, the kpop & jpop fandoms), I am back with a lot of catching up to do. Although I will not bore you with a list of things I have missed while I was away (I’m sure there’s a truckshipload of news I haven’t reacted to), I will probably try to keep things brief.

My last post was dated July 2010. The whole of 2011 I did not have a single post although when I looked at my drafts, there were one or two entries I had been working on (all Mizushima related, of course, and something about ARASHI).  These last two years I was buried not only in work but I’ve also been traveling back and forth (Huzzah!)

In July 2010, I went on my first overseas trip with friends to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia and went shopping 😀

In September of 2010, I visited China (Suzhou, Hangzhou & Shanghai) to see the tea plantations, go on a boat ride across a mystical lake, attend a wonderful circus-style concert/play and admire the pavilions at the World Expo.

In December, I went to Singapore for the Mnet Ultimate Live concert (where I saw 2PM, 2AM, MBLAQ, B2ST, Miss A)- [separate post later, promise!] (I still remember that girl who stomped off the stage during the fansigning event, pfft)

In May 2011, I went home to my home country to attend a wedding. (My first time to be a bridesmaid, hell to the yeah!)

In September 2011, I went back home again for my annual leave.

So you can see why I haven’t had time to do much blogging (I don’t know how everyone else does it!) but I promise this year will be better. 🙂

I’m glad to be back!

BECK live action new trailer :D

14 07 2010

Hey y’all.

I know it’s been a while but I have never been out of touch with what Mizushima-san has been doing lately. I’ve been waiting for the film release of Beck Live Action since the first day I got news Hiro was playing Ryusuke. 😀 😀 😀

It has been MONTHS of agonizing patience.. and I still have to wait about more than a month for the movie.

Japan is very quick in taking down trailers from YouTube so the safest way to watch the full length trailer is to go to the official site:



Click the pick on the far left with the play icon. And the teaser will load automatically. 😉 ENJOY!

September is my  birthday month so yayyy. If things go as planned, I’ll be busy packing for my trip to China by then though. But knowing that it takes a while for the movie to be leaked online.. I guess I’ll get a glimpse of the movie a month or two later so no worries. I’m not even slightly bothered if I see it without subtitles but that’s because I’ve been taking Japanese classes and .. Hiro will be speaking in ENGLISH. HELL TO THE YEAH.

p/s: Did you know that Hiro Mizushima was supposed to be in a new drama this year but the role was given to Matsujun instead? >__> They say it’s because he’s married now. :/ I don’t get it.

But anyway, I’m just glad that Jun has a new drama out too. XD

Once you Teen Top, you can’t stop!

14 07 2010

Lol. I’m so lame. XD

South Korea is dishing out a dozen boybands every week, it seems. And obviously I can’t keep up anymore. Gone are the days when they introduced a new group once every six months or once a year. Now.. it’s like they’re matching the pace of the world – where everyone’s in a rush. I guess they don’t want to lose that chance of getting that more than 15 minutes of fame. Kpop groups, are of course.. one of S.Korea’s main players in the global community.

I don’t think the Korean wave just happened. I’m pretty sure it was all planned. ;D Look back at the previous years. Did Kpop have that much influence on you back then.. or was it just another entertainment buzz that you know would pass.

Most of you would agree that Kpop has taken over your life. Well, I knew I was doomed when I realized I could relate each thought and action back to kpop. Seriously. There’s no going back for me. And it’s even worse for me I guess, since I’m also a Jpopper. I feel like my head’s going to explode now. haha.

ANYWAY. ON to our object of attention!

I just found the Korean equivalent of Hey!Say!Jump! (and yep, it means I am well on my way to being a certified pedo-noona. *sigh*)

So let me introduuuuce:





He’s freaking adorable I SWEAR. :X I think of J.Lo everytime I see his name. XD




And you my dear are the reason I thought of Hey!Say!Jump! You should go meet them. Or maybe your lips remind me of Takaki. ;D


Hottest in the group.. if you base it on physical appearance.. PLUS HE’LL TURN LEGAL THIS YEAR. I’m one happy noona 😀


For some reason, I am very intrigued by him. *blushes*

IM WAITING FOR THEM TO GROW UP. 😀 They have begun their transition.. into being real  men. 😛

Come Into The World.. seems really appropriate. Come into the world of fangirls, boys. We will take care of you and the pedo-noonas will feed you, and bathe you.. and tuck  you in. *cough cough*

For more photos:

Download Teen Top – Come Into The World here.

01 Come Into The World (Intro)
02 박수 (Clap)
03 춤춰! (Let`s Dance)

p/s: I expect everyone to memorize their names after seeing all the pictures (with labels). Worked for me. 🙂

Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac

12 05 2010

I can’t believe this slipped my mind. I heard about this on NewS sites and never really followed up (There’s way too many things to keep up with lately) but anyway, if there are any of you who don’t know about this yet, educate yourself. Thanks Ka, for the reminder. LOL

I’m going to the local bookstore soon to order the book and pray that they have access to it. Otherwise, I might have to go through other means.

Oh, here’s the trailer. It looks pretty awesome!

Maki + MatsuKen + Emma Roberts + Anton Yelchin + Tegoshi = ♥ ♥ ♥

Just watching the trailer makes me all teary-eyed. I just KNOW this movie will make me cry. ;__;

Since this is a Japanese film, the title was translated to Dareka ga Watashi ni Kissu wo Shita (Someone Kissed Me)

Official website: DareKiss

Beck Live Action – New teaser~

25 04 2010

Why is it so hard to get HQ pics from Japan or even fancams for these filmings? ;______; More HQ pics of this half-naked Taira / Okamu pic would have made my day. XD And can I say again that I’m tres excited for the release of this movie? I’ve been brushing up on my Japanese (although by the time it opens in cinemas I still wont be able to understand anything they say) >.<

Anyway, check it out here:

Note that they’re playing Oasis and Red Hot Chilli Peppers song WOOT.

I’m waiting for you Ryusuke-kun. ;D